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Recap: Fall Feeling Blog Party

Happy Monday beautiful friends!

How was everyone’s weekend? My weekend was fabulous. Why may you ask?recap

Because it was Scale it Simple’s first ever blog party!  And it was freakin awesome!

Did you attend the party? How did you like it?

If you could not make it you can still check out the amazing blog posts that were shared here.

That awkward anxious feeling of throwing a party and no one attending is now gone… phew. The blog party was a huge success with just over 1000 hits that day. Not too shabby you party animals.

I am very happy and grateful for all those who showed up and helped in making it a success by sharing the party on your blogs and social media accounts, you all are amazing humans.

Thank you all for your support, to me and each other, it was an awesome experience watching new connections being made and new friendships develop. Yay! Creative people.

You have all inspired me to throw another blog party during the Christmas season, I hope to see you all then. So stay tuned.

Fall Feeling Blog Party Superstars

I would like to send a very special thank you to the following bloggers. Thank you for your kind words, encouragement, interaction and encouragement to myself and other bloggers during the party. You all made the day a little extra special.


Don’t be a stranger, visit Scale it Simple anytime you are looking for a positivity boost or even just to say hello! I love hearing from all of you, beautiful bloggers.



31 thoughts on “Recap: Fall Feeling Blog Party

  1. Hey Steph, it was a great party!!! I can’t literally wait for the next one!! And I’m glad that I’ve stumbled upon it and I really had so much fun reading and meeting other bloggers. Can’t wait for the next one! Thanks again Steph!! ❤

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