5 Quotes to Help Practice Kindness & Patience

Good day, beautiful people.

I feel frustrated by people lately, by the unkindness of others and in return the unkindness of myself dealing with those people through my agitations.

Are you following me?

Basically, people can be difficult to deal with. Sometimes I wonder why people all too obviously put themselves on a pedestal and try to keep others below them in some way. Driven by a false sense of status.

Many people place themselves on a pedestal held high on top of their material status in life, position in their careers, material wealth, age. This is such an unhealthy way of being, not only does this way of superiority stop you from connecting with others of a basic human level of kindness but it also feeds feelings of judgement and negativity towards others and in return within yourself.

Often people who create a status of superiority from material or social standings tend to be very critical of others but that criticism comes back on them as well, as projection is present in judgement.

You have probably seen this occur if you have ever witnessed a waitress get verbally abused by a customer after there was a mistake in an order or a cashier after giving the wrong change, or any other form of public embarrassment that we have all been on the receiving end, giving end, or witnessing end.

What is it with human beings thinking they can speak to other human beings this way? How did we get so angry? So ignorant? So unkind?

Kindness is easy to manage when you are feeling good and the world is turning as it should. But when things are dark and depressing or when stress takes over it becomes harder and harder to maintain an attitude of kindness towards others and also towards yourself.

Keep that in mind when dealing with a difficult person, and also when your own mood becomes less than favourable.

Be kind, be patient.




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24 thoughts on “5 Quotes to Help Practice Kindness & Patience

  1. Fantastic post! I struggle with these same issues every day. I feel like the majority of people I encounter are negative, and are trying to bring others down with them. I try very hard to be positive, so it baffles me that someone can be so callous and terrible to others. Of course we all get in a rut where we feel pessimistic caught up in a negativity loop, however we just have to remind ourselves to look on the bright side. A positive state of mind makes all the difference! Eventually this attitude will impact someone’s life. Kill them with kindness does ring true 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

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    1. That is very true! Thanks for the comment, it is so hard to remain positive sometimes but like anything if you practice it enough you will become stronger at it 🙂


  2. I saw a really great quote today from Ellen when she won an award for being kind and compassionate and she said that it was strange to her that she was winning an award for being kind and compassionate and caring, when that’s what’s expected of us as humans. We should be doing this naturally and yet so many choose not to.

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    1. That certainly puts things into perspective doesn’t it? It is just easier at times to give into aggression and victimize and blame, rather than practice compassion, patience and kindness. I struggle with this all the time sadly, it is so ingrained in us.

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  3. Oh! How I understand your words well, Steph! Unfortunately, as the Elizabeth Taylor quote said, it is almost an oxymoron: we are more apt to wait the shorter our time… We have to be more aware and take time to be kind, as you pointed out so well. We can do better and be more kind, less ignorant, and more patient if we take that time 🙂

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