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7 Self Love Tips for 2017

With the dawn of the new year upon us, there is no better time than the present, to begin with, the intention to ourselves to send a little love our way. Like many people I have goals and aspirations that I wish to accomplish during this year, some of which I have already shared with you all. However, as we depart from our dear old friend 2016 and look ahead it is important to include bringing more love into our own lives as part of our plan for the year ahead.

Focusing on self-love is not a joke my friends, although it may sound silly to talk about sometimes. I truly believe that if more people opened up about this topic the happier we would all be as individuals and as a society.

So I invite you to make 2017 the year of self-love. No, I don’t mean you have to become self-absorbed or obsessed with yourself. What I mean is while setting goals or plans for the year ahead remember to take into account the simple things, the things that light you up from the inside.

After all, if we can learn to love ourselves fully and completely then we can better love others, our community, and the world. We can begin to better understand the true miracle that being alive is. Seriously, it’s that powerful.

I hope you can adopt a few of these ideas into your year ahead and create some new self-loving habits for yourself. Cheers!

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Forgive Someone

BAM! Yes, I am starting with this hefty one. I recently wrote a post about (The Poison of Resentment) and this idea has been sticking with me quite a bit lately. That is why I choose forgiveness as the first item on this list.

If you can lighten your spirit with forgiveness you are freeing yourself from the suffering and pain that is accompanied by holding onto resentment, anger and hurt. A baby step would be setting the intention for yourself to let it go, whatever that is. Forgiveness could be as small as forgiving the person who cut you off in traffic earlier or forgiving yourself for something you said while mad. Or it could be as big as forgiving an old friend or family member for an old grudge or fallout. Forgiveness is forgiveness. Good luck!

Write out some Goals

Grab a pen and a notebook and write out some short and long term goals for yourself. Yes, it is only words on paper but those words can transform into something real and tangible. For some reason seeing my plans written in front of me makes them less scary and more real. Check out this post on Searching for Happiness- Goals to help motivate you.

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”
― Albert Einstein

Try Something New

If you finish this year and have successfully tried one new thing then I feel that is a huge accomplishment So many people become stuck in the turning wheels of life that they miss out on the joys of adventure and change. Try something you have always wanted to but never made the time for or felt you could never really do. Once you try one thing outside of your comfort zone you will soon find yourself on a roll.

I tried a few new things last year that really changed my life, yoga and meditation being two huge ones and since that time I feel more confident in trying more new activities. Take it from me doing new things whether by yourself or with a friend can truly bring you happiness in a way you may not have previously considered or even knew existed.

Make time for yourself

At least once a week. This is so important! I know, I know you are probably super busy, we all are. BUT…there-is-nothing-to-writing-all-you-do-is-sit-down-at-a-typewriter-and-bleed

You need to make time for yourself, and not just when there is nothing else better to do or you have a free moment, although that is also great. Actually take the time to unplug and disconnect from everything for yourself.

Take as little as 5 minutes or an entire day if you can. Just like any friendship, it will only flourish when time is made so you should take the same approach with the friendship you have with yourself.

Take a bath, read a book, go to a class. Whatever it is you enjoy doing, make time for it and enjoy the experience fully without your mind wandering in 1000 different places.

Add one positive habit into your life

So often we think of bettering ourselves as a chore, don’t do this, stop doing this, no more that. That kind of negative framework is bound to make you feel heavy and guilty. Free yourself from that kind of thinking by bringing in more love and fun instead.

Try drinking more water, eating more greens, meditating, going for a weekly walk. Whatever you decide adding something new, healthy and positive to your life can have such a wonderfully positive effect in the long term.

Spend more time with those special people

If you are like me you have a mixture of people in your life. Friends, family, co-workers all with very different personalities that have very different effects on you personally. Sometimes duty bounds us to spending to much time and energy on people who take more than give and can be draining. Hey, that’s life.

I am not saying you need to cut out of your life the people who need you. What I am saying is it is important to recognize when you feel overloaded and to make sure you free more time for relationships that are supportive and motivating to you. You are deserving of love and inspiration and those people in your life that provide you that should be given priority also. Don’t forget about them.

Expand your Perspectives

There are so many amazing books out there geared towards helping build your confidence and self-love. Believe it or not, you don’t need to be going through an earth shattering divorce or a life altering crisis to browse the self-help isle. Although if you are then please explore your heart out.

Have you ever thought that when heartbreak or sudden pain occurs in our lives that we would have been a lot better equipped to handle such an event if we had checked out some of those books, and thoughts before hand?

Stay in touch with yourself by providing your brain some exercise in this area. Ask yourself some hard questions, read some thought provoking books on the subject of self-love and open up these kinds of conversations with friends and loved ones.

Check out a few self-love book recommendations from me here… Searching for Happiness – Self Love Books.

The only lifelong love affair we can truly have is with ourselves. Why not spend every moment possible being loving towards your true soul mate… YOU.



Check out Scale it Simple’s 2017 Reading Challenge here.

I hope you can join in, the more the merrier!









46 thoughts on “7 Self Love Tips for 2017

  1. Self love is definitely one of the most underrated things in my opinion! You’ve got to work from the inside out, my main health goals for the year are to cut down on junk food and drink much more water!
    – Elen x

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  2. Each and every point spoke for itself. ‘To love oneself’ is easy to say than to do, practically. It takes a lot of efforts and genuine will to do so, which I think the points you mentioned can help in achieving.
    Have a Happy and Self-Loving 2017! ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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