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Sending Gratitude

Hello lovelies, today I want to share some big news.

Brace yourselves…

Today is a huge day for my blog ScaleitSimple. A wonderful milestone has been reached thanks to your love and support.

ScaleitSimple now has over 2000 WordPress followers!

Can you believe it? I am actually still a little shocked. she-turned-to-the-sunlight-and-shook-her-yellow-headand-whispered-to-her-neighbor-winter-is-dead

Less than two years ago when I started this blog I was in kind of a funk and at the beginning of a journey of self-discovery. A journey I have since found out does not really end. A journey that led me towards new passions and helped me flex my creativity muscles on this blog and share with you all my adventures, thoughts, and lessons.

I truly appreciate the comments, conversations and interactions we have togeather.

Thank you for following scaleitsimple, for reading, commenting, sharing and learning with me! I love you all.

To celebrate 2000 followers I would like to do something special…

I am throwing a party! A blog party of course!

In the spirit of all the love I am feeling today, I am going to throw a special Valentines Day Party and I would like for you all to be my V-Day dates.

This blog party will be taking place on Valentines Day, Tuesday, Feb 14th. I will send out the official invite the week before the party for you all to share. For now, you can check out the details below or check out my last blog party for more info on how the party will go.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and I look forward to what the future brings for us all. Cheers!




ScaleitSimple has a group Pinterest board called blogging pals. In this group you can share your posts and others, all you have to do is add me to Pinterest and send me a message asking to join if interested.










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