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Now Live – Spring Blog Party

Welcome to Scale it Simple’s Spring Blog Party!

If you have been looking for the perfect way to spend a low-key Easter Sunday then you are in the right place!

What better way to spend some downtime than by meeting fellow bloggers, eating chocolate, drinking tea and reading some awesome blog posts?

The rules are simple.

1. Choose one of your favorite blog posts from your own blog. Any and all kinds of posts are welcome.(Untasteful or inappropriate posts will be removed.) You can share up to three links. Wait some time in between your posts for best results.Your Invite

2. Paste the link in the comment section of this post and write a little bit about yourself and/or your blog.

3. Share this party on at least one social media platform in order to invite your blogging pals. The more the merrier!

4. Now grab some chocolate, a glass of your favorite beverage and get ready to meet some new people and discover some new blogs! Read, comment, follow and share other bloggers links on your social media platforms or on your own blog.

Ready? Let’s party!

This event will be going on for the next 24 hours so you will have lots of opportunities to visit as many people as you like.

Feel free to follow one of my social media accounts found below as I will be sharing your content on them all day long, or re-blog this post to invite your friends and followers to join the party.

I look forward to reading your posts today and getting to know you all a little better. Enjoy!


167 thoughts on “Now Live – Spring Blog Party

      1. It’s a funny game, you play as a team, but you have a secret individual goal, and one of the team members can be a traitor. 5 hours playing and we lost at the last minute because of the traitor…. so sad 😉

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  1. Hi, everyone! 😀 I’m so excited to pop back in for another one of these blog parties! Thank you so much to Scale it Simple for hosting. I loved the last one and can’t wait to check out even more blogs this time around. 🙂
    Over at IgnitedMoth I talk about lots of topics, mostly related to writing, reading, reviews, and sometimes I just do art posts where I share old and new illustrations and paintings I’ve done. I have a passion for creating and seeing what others have created, so I try to encompass these things in my blog pretty regularly. Sometimes I just do random posts on a whim though. It’s kind of a mixed bag over there. 😛
    Here’s one of my comic reviews I did for volume 1 of Monstress.

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  2. And a lot of Eastering I finally got here and thank goodness I did, this was a blog treasure hunt! 😉
    My name is Donna I blog about anything and everything with a lot of humour. Here’s my latest, also a blog party (and it’s still going – no time limit on fun) Drop by, stay a spell, you might never want to leave.
    Hope this weekend is treating everyone kindly. Thanks Steph, for the great party and letting us hang around on your blog (we promise to clean up after). 🙂

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  3. Hi guys! I think many of you may be asleep or in a chocolate coma, but I just wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone who was able to drop by so far today. I enjoyed reading many of your blogs and I am now settling down to read some more. Remember you can share up to three links so feel free to leave some more as there is still lots of time left.

    Here is another Searching for Happiness post by me. I hope you enjoy reading.

    Lots of love you beautiful creative souls. Cheers!

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      1. You’re welcome David. Important messages on this subject. Have you encountered Niki Meadows? She runs an annual kindness Challenge that embraces this sort of thing. There’s a link to it near the top of my blog. You might find it interesting?

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      2. Certainly worth a look. In fact I also did an author spotlight on her recentky on her upcoming book on how she beat 17 years of depression. The challenge link is also on that. I have a feeling you would appreciate her blog too!


  4. Hi there, thanks so much for this opportunity to share my work, it is greatly appreciated! 🙂 My name is Bruce aka ArcaneHalloween and I run Precinct1313, a mainly DC Comics review site, though we do post about a myriad of geeky things. One of my favourite posts from the depths of the Precinct recently comes from our ‘Interview With A Superhero’ series, a fourth wall breaking chat with comic our book faves: 🙂

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  5. Thanks for this lovely idea of a post! I was sent here by a friend!

    This is my blog about my passions of model making and aviation. It started as a site for a model group I helped run, but after no-one else got involved I discussed it and took it over for myself. I try and post once a week at least – as models take a fair amount of time to produce.

    Hope you enjoy ❤

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